New Features

Discover Page

  • Added "Country" as a filter separate from location πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
  • Added ability to individually add new contacts / ambassadors to Wooly! Now you don't have to upload everyone via CSV πŸŽ‰
  • New "Data Source" for all contacts who @mention the brand on Instagram and Twitter. This lets you find influencers posting about your brand, but who have not (yet) joined your program

Ambassador / Individual Profile

  • Added new "Content" tab to show all @brand mentions an individual has made
  • Moved ambassador application to its own "Application" tab
  • Showing customer properties and questions on the "Application" tab
  • Add new "Nominated" status for prospects. This may be used where brands need a second person to approve an ambassador or you want to come back to them later

Application Form

  • Made the "Country" input a drop-down to ensure naming consistency (e.g., US, USA, United States of America, etc.)
  • Added new multi-select checkbox UI (looks much nicer!)
  • Added support for data picker inputs
  • Added radio button input
  • Add new "Nominated" status for applicants. See above

Campaign Reporting

  • Added new "potential reach" metric to show total reach if all ambassadors who have invited or joined a campaign post

Triggers / Automated actions

  • Added new trigger type "Ambassador Tier Assigned" to automatically send an email when an ambassador is added / approved

Admin / Settings

  • Added ability for a brand to upload / change the profile photo and logo
  • Moved the Settings pages to React

Bug Fixes & Performance

  • Split our largest database in two to ensure fast loading times for older clients
  • Discover: Added UI message to wait 5 minutes when tag more than 10K accounts
  • User Settings: Team Members password validation fix
  • Logistics: Fulfillment crashed after using Copy to Clipboard feature in certain cases
  • Fixed link saving in T's & C's template
  • Fixed known Issue with 3rd party UI tabs. Created custom tabs component
  • Fixed defect update logistics member status after fulfillment complete
  • Fixed discover "Edit Columns" dropdown on scroll
  • Fixed selecting a tag issue on profile
  • Fixed Ambassador Portal scrolling on IPhone on campaigns list page
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