New Features - Wooly 2.0 is here!!! 🎉

Introducing Wooly 2.0! Many of our customers and prospects have been amazed at the data we've generated, but wanted tools to best act on that data. It's here now. We're thrilled for the updates we'll bring over the next few weeks and months. Here's your first peak


Introducing new "Ambassador Campaigns." This is an easy way to engage ambassadors at scale without the email back-and-forth, negotiations, etc.

The campaign landing page (aka "campaign brief"), includes the following features:

  • Campaign overview
  • Campaign hero image with a media library to store all you favorite content!
  • Campaign requirements (e.g., Instagram post, Facebook post, etc.)
  • Campaign style guide (i.e., what a good post looks like)
  • Campaign incentives, including links to relevant products
  • Campaign Do's and Don'ts
  • Terms & Conditions

Campaign preview to view landing page on desktop or mobile

You can then choose who to add from among your customers, ambassadors, and applicants.

And send personalized emails

Ambassador Portal

How do ambassadors access the campaign brief? Through a custom, fully branded ambassador portal for each brand!

  • Ambassadors authenticate socials for accurate performance metrics through Instagram's new API
  • Easily access campaigns
  • Automatically track requirement performance for both the ambassador AND the brand

Social Listening

We automatically listen for new ambassador posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter then route it to the correct campaign

  • New hashtag listening
  • Campaign routing when an ambassador is involved in multiple simultaneous campaigns

Application Forms & Ambassador Tiers

We've updated the ambassador application review process and added new ambassador tiers to segment ambassadors.

Data / Security

  • New GDPR endpoint for customer opt-outs. It is automatically linked to Shopify, but available via API as well
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