This is a massive release that was a delayed a week to accommodate Thanksgiving and extra testing. Four primary updates (1) ambassadors can upload images & screenshots, (2) custom properties, and (3) new ambassador portal settings functionality.

New Features / Improvements


Campaign Builder

  • New campaign task option for Instagram stories with option to require an uploaded screenshot of metrics
  • New campaign task option to upload images (e.g., raw/extra images, screenshot proof of completing an activity, etc.)
  • "From" field in the email designer is now editable, allowing you to choose which email you want to use to send the campaign invites

  • Added CTA button in confirmation emails to give ambassadors another way to access the portal
  • New logic added to reduce uploaded files to 20MB and clean the file name
  • Updated default T&C to include BusinessName token

Campaign Reporting

  • New tab in "Analytics" to view uploaded content 
  • UI improvements to the "Top ambassadors" section in campaign analytics

Ambassador Portal

  • Upload screenshots or images for a campaign
  • Capture custom properties when ambassadors sign-up (e.g., full shipping address, date of birth, etc.)
  • New portal settings page to edit shipping address, custom properties, email address, etc.
  • Ambassador profile creation page pre-fill values from from the ambassador application form, reducing work for ambassadors
  • Added a "New campaign" tab for easier navigation between new and ongoing campaigns

Ambassador Form

  • New customizable questions, including drop-downs, multi-select, radial, date, and checkboxes
  • New custom properties to capture important information from ambassador applicants

Brand Portal

Customer / Ambassador Profiles

  • Custom properties now shown in the individual profiles
  • Added feature in profile to change the contact type / ambassador tier

Demographics Report

  • Additional stats and facelift

General Usability & Design

  • Made logistics / fulfillment modal wider for a better experience
  • Updated loading indicates and spinners to be more consistent

Performance Improvements

  • Improved social listening performance
  • Addressed error handling issue on social listening
  • Faster loading of the Discover page

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fix to total reach calculation on the campaign analytics page
  • Bug fix (no user impact) to insert/update/delete campaign requirements to support the new uploaded content requirements
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