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Testing the Referral Tracking Pixel



Before proceeding with test, ensure you've completed the pixel installation. Then it's time to test by following a referral link to your online store and completing an order.  Follow these steps to ensure your referral tracking is working properly.


  1. First, open a new incognito browser to ensure all cache and cookies are clear for your test.
    1. Note: be sure to close your incognito window and open a new one for each additional test you do.
  2. Then go to your online store with our query string parameter "wly" to verify the link tracking is working. 
    1. Example:  https://yourdomain.com/?wly=referralId
      1. You can get a real referral Id from a contact in your Wooly portal and use that to load your online store web page.
    2. Reload that contact's profile in Wooly to verify the "Link Clicks" stats counted your test. (see image above)
  3. For each of the following steps you can check the stats in your dashboard and navigate to the "Sales Attribution" report to verify referral link and discount code usage are being tracked properly.
  4. Next, submit a test order to verify that the order data was successfully sent and associated by referral Id.
  5. Next, submit a test order using a discount code to verify that the order data was successfully sent and associated by discount code usage.


Troubleshooting Tips


Some tests are failing? Go here for help with troubleshooting