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Shopify Manual Pixel Instructions



*Important!  Only do this IF your Shopify store is not leveraging the auto-installed pixel when connecting your store with Wooly.


Primarily follow the instructions in this article until you get to the order tracking script.  Use the following code snippet there in place of what the other article suggests.  (for connected Shopify stores, the OrderId is the only data point we need sent to our API)  


Keep in mind that this option ("&source=shopify_checkout") triggers the Wooly system to call the Shopify API directly to pull the full order/customer details from the shopify store that is connected within your brand settings.  IF you are installing a pixel in a shopify store that is not fully integrated/connected with Wooly, then refer back to the main article and use the other script.


  • Navigate to Settings > Checkout > Order Processing > Additional Scripts, and paste the following script into the box there and replace the ACCESS_TOKEN placeholder with your sales attribution token you can get from your brand settings.