Shopify Instructions - Creating Discount Rules


This article will show Shopify users how to create, assign, and track individual discount codes within Wooly. 


Step 1: Create Discount in Shopify

  • Make sure your Shopify is still 'Connected' in Wooly by checking under “integrations” in settings

  • In your Shopify account, create a general discount code. **This is not the discount name your ambassadors will see, it just sets up the discount rule that will be pulled into Wooly. You will create individual codes within the Wooly Wooly platform.**


Step 2: Find Discount you just created in Wooly    

  • In Wooly, Go to Settings > Discount Rules
  • Click “New Discount Rule” 

  • Name the Discount Rule (you can assign a specific name to individual ambassadors later, just use a general one for this step)
  • For example: Ambassador 25%
  • Under “Shopify Price Rule,” find the code you created in Shopify 
  • The rest of the fields will automatically be filled in based on the Shopify Price Rule


Step 3: Distribute Discount Codes

  • Check out this article for all the ways you can distribute these discounts to advocates using Wooly