Setting Up Manual Discount Codes


This article will serve as a guide to those brands who would like to assign, distribute, and track discount codes and are on a CRM other than Shopify. 



Step 1: Install Tracking Pixel



Step 2: Create Discount Rule in Wooly


  • In Wooly, Go to Settings > Discount Rules
  • Click “New Discount Rule”
  • Name the Discount Rule (you can assign a specific name to individual ambassadors later, just use a general one for this step)
  • For example: Ambassador 25%
  • Finish filling out the fields to reflect the discount code's rules 



Step 3: Create Discount Codes in your CRM



Step 4: (2 Options, read below)

If you want to… automatically assign pre-generated codes to your advocates


When this is useful: 

  • If you’re not a Shopify brand, this is a great way to automate discount codes. 
  • If you want to collaborate with another brand and give your advocates a discount code to their site. 


Follow these steps:

  • Export the list of codes you created in Step 3 to a CSV. The CSV must have a column that has the codes with column name "Code". 
  • Add codes to the manual discount rule by clicking Add Codes. Then upload your CSV. (Here is a CSV Template if you need one)


  • Turn on an automatic reminder to get alerted when you need to add more codes to the system.


  • To Distribute the discount codes you can:
    • Add the discount rule to a campaign in order to give your advocates access to one of the pre-generated codes 


  • Add the discount rule to a program in order to give your advocates access to one of the pre-generated codes



**This feature allows ambassadors to see that they have a code available. Codes are assigned after an ambassador clicks "Get Code" in the portal. 


If you want to… manually assign custom vanity codes to a select group of advocates 


This is useful: 

  • When giving a few individuals (like influencers) custom vanity codes 

Follow these steps:

  • Go to a Contact Profile within Wooly
  • Scroll down to “Discounts” (on the right)
  • Click “Assign Code”



  • Select the Discount Rule and type in the code you created in your CRM. 

  • Now that code will be associated with that Contact Profile  

Step 5: Distribute Codes within Wooly


  •  When someone signs into their Ambassador Portal and goes to Discount Codes & Links, they will automatically see the code that has been assigned to them. It's also helpful to distribute these discount codes in a few areas to ensure they are visible and top of mind. This can be done via a Campaign Brief or Email.


  • Once your ambassador has a code assigned to their profile, you can distribute that code in a personal email message (or mass email). Under “Personalize” and “DiscountRules” choose the discount rule you want to send and their individual code will be displayed in their email.
  • Please see below where you send a personalized email to a contact. 




  • On Step 2 of a Campaign under “Campaign Brief” choose “Add Rule” under “Discount & Promo Codes”

  • Select the discount rule you want to use and it will display the ambassadors’ individual assigned code on the campaign brief (as long as they have a code assigned to their profile with that discount rule)

  • In the “Campaign Members” section, there will be a Discount Codes column to show you who already has a code assigned to their profile. If it is blank, you will need to create a code for that person (back to steps 3 and 4) before launching the Campaign.