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Customize Automated Emails



This video will review the automated emails you can set up within a Program's settings.



Within Program Settings, there are 4 automated emails you can set up that will be triggered to be sent to applicants and new members. 


Customizing the Emails

Click the Edit & Preview button on the right side of the screen. Choose the email address you'd like these emails to come from. The selections listed are that of the team members in the Wooly account. They must be associated with a real email address/inbox because if someone repiles to the email, it will be sent to the inbox selected. 


Next, update the Subject Line and Email Body. Use the Personalization tokens when possible! 


You can also edit the Email Template, which includes adding a logo in the top left, a hero image, as well as adjusting the Header, Button, and Button font colors to better match your brand. 


Application Received Email 

This email is triggered when an application is submitted AND the application approval process is set to manual approval. 


Application Approved Email

This email is triggered when you either manually approve an applicant into this program OR if you have configured the approval process to automatically accept all applicants. 

This email is the first email they'll receive from you regarding their acceptance, so we recommend customizing the email to get your new member excited about being in the program as well as some information about what next steps are as a new member. This email also includes a button for them to create their Wooly profile. 


Application Rejected Email

When turned on, this email will be sent whenever you decline an application. 


Manually Added to Program

When turned on, this email will be sent when a contact is manually added to a program. For example, if you have an existing ambassador list to upload into Wooly and you add them to this program, this is the email they'll receive. You can treat it like a welcome email with a button to the portal to get them onboarded.