12/18/2019 - Sales attribution pixel & manage campaign web links

Sales attribution pixel & manage campaign web links

New Features

  • Sales Attribution: Create endpoint for pixel tracking to work with non integrated eComm platforms
  • Campaign Content: Group all content in "Content" tab for Campaign and Contact Profile
  • Dashboard: Show unassigned values/groups in the charts
  • Discount Codes: Distribute Codes via Email Tokens

Other Updates & Fixes

  • CSV Import: Improve Logic for Checkbox List Importing & UI for mapping
  • Improved the date range picker component throughout
  • Fixed dashboard filter by date property isn't showing the selected date
  • Fixed dashboard filter by Twitter Handle is not updated with new posts
  • Fixed total count of posts is not recalculated if post is deleted from campaign
  • Fixed issue in campaign analytics with page crash in unique scenario
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