9/25/2019 - House Cleaning, Fixes & Started New Dashboard 2.0

House Cleaning, Fixes & Started New Dashboard 2.0

New Features

  •  Duplicate Campaign Requirements when Duplicating a Campaign
  • Built the foundation for a new and improved dashboard that is more customizable for the user
  • Ambassador Portal: Allow to connect a social profile which is already added to another contact
  • Improve Header For Back Navigation in Profile Overlay View

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Change Ambassador Tier Label to "Contact Tier"
  • Updated CSV Processing Logic to Auto Process Uploads less than 5k with all mapped fields and are valid
  • Fixed error when setting a team member permission to admin
  • Fix adding Campaign Requirement for Twitter
  • Fixed email modal sending default message template in uncommon scenario
  • Fixed date sorting on the feed in the Favorites tab
  • Fixed Campaign Brief: Editor doesn't save the text field data after clicking on the Next button
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