7/3/2019 - Public Campaigns V1!!!

Public Campaigns V1!!!

New Features

  • Public Campaigns V1 - Allows brands to essentially run social listening campaigns on a specific @mention and hashtag for campaign analytics and advocate discovery
  • All Contacts - Updated the Save Filter Set feature so you can create your own filter sets that nobody else can view or delete and you can create shared filter sets.
  • Added new "Contact Type" system default property

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Performance updates for contact profile social posts
  • Link to Campaigns on Profile Summary to Campaigns tab
  • Contacts Export:  Add Total Spent & Product Name Fields
  • Fixed Contact Profile defect where the pencil icon wasn't showing up because the name is too long
  • Fixed in Ambassador Invite Flow where the Invited Stage was not auto changing to Ambassador in all cases after successful onboarding
  • Fixed incorrect engagement rate in the search results
  • Fixed country restriction issue based on team member permissions
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