3/21/2019 - Automated campaign email reminders to ambassadors

Automated campaign email reminders to ambassadors

New Features

  • Added new automated campaign email reminders that send to ambassadors to remind them to join a campaign & complete campaign requirements with options to change the email delivery settings
  • Improved email template editing
  • In campaign logistics we added new bulk operations to manually send emails & reminders, download to CSV, & remove members from a campaign
  • Added country and social handle filters to the brand performance dashboard

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Added high level brand terms and conditions that ambassadors agree to during onboarding and updated campaign terms & conditionals to be optional
  • Updated the code snippet for embedding the inbound ambassador form to dynamically adjust the height
  • Social Listening: Improved logic when assigning posts to campaigns to be more fail proof
  • Remove all Google+ social profiles and updated our data enrichment processes to no longer use that network
  • Improved the custom property date field so it's more user friendly for ambassador onboarding (especially for selecting birth date)
  • Fixed issues with updating social profile stats for authenticated ambassadors
  • Fixed issues with retweet numbers counting towards ambassador and campaign stats
  • Fixed issue with data enrichment processes in certain cases overwriting ambassador names when it shouldn't
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