Overview of the Contact Profile

Each one of your contacts has their own profile within Wooly. The contact profile is a comprehensive collection of the data you have collected from them as a customer and as an ambassador through Wooly. Below is a breakdown of each section within a contact’s profile.

Left Panel

  • Summary - A summary of social stats and overall brand engagement. This is also where you can find Purchase history and Discount Codes 
  • Content
    • Social Posts - Any social content that they have shared and tagged your brand. This can be organic content or campaign content.
    • Uploaded Content - Uploaded content often comes from a campaign requirement such as a screenshot of an Instagram Story, a screenshot of analytics, a screenshot of a website review, or any specific images requested by the brand for that campaign. These can also be added on the brands side on behalf of a contact.
    • Web Links -  Where the contact (or brand) has submitted any campaign content via a weblink. (Examples include, a YouTube video, Blog posts, Pinterest Post, Dropbox File, etc.)
  • Campaigns - This is where you can find the campaigns that they have either been invited to or participated in, as well as their campaign stats in individual line items.

    • You can use the drop-down at the top right to filter for campaigns they've either bent "Sent" currently have "In Progress" or that they have "Completed".
    • Easily add someone to a campaign directly from their profile by coming to this section and clicking “Add Campaign.” *Note - they must be an Ambassador (Contact Stage) in order to be added to a campaign.
    • See that person's Campaign Progress by clicking on the blue progress percentage (%). This will bring up a detailed side panel where you can view the steps they have taken to complete that campaign. *Note: This is also where you can manually add content and links on their behalf. 
  • Form Details - This is where you can find the details that the Contact has provided voluntarily. These are often answers to custom properties (questions) that they answer when filling our a user form, or answering any questions you might put in a campaign
  • Notes - This is your area to add any important notes regarding that contact. You can add web links to this section as well. 
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