Set Up Stand-Alone Discount Code Tracking Pixel

*Read First: these instructions are to implement a stand-alone discount code tracking pixel.  If you are looking for full link attribution tracking along with order/discount tracking click here.


If you're not utlizing one of our supported eCommerce integrations (ie: Shopify), this Discount Code Tracking Pixel is a way for your brand to track discount code use as orders are completed on your eCommerce store.  For every ambassador that shares their unique discount codes, you will be able to track the number of sales that were referred per person.

Generate an Access Token

You need to first generate a "Sales Attribution" access token to be included in the Wooly pixel URL parameters.  Go to your brand settings to create a new token.

Add The Tracking Pixel

To add the tracking pixel to your store you'll need to add the following HTML snippet on your order confirmation page.  The minimum required query parameters are: accessToken, orderId, discountCodes

<img src="" />

Note: be sure to replace the {ACCESS_TOKEN} placeholder with your token. And on your order confirmation page you will need to code logic to get the orderId and discount code(s) used in the purchase order to be included in the Wooly pixel URL query parameters.

Optional Query Parameters

You can also add optional query parameters for better tracking:

&email= when provided we will auto create the contact in your CRM with the new order. This is recommended to associate sales referrals on an individual level. Super cool!
&currency= recommended for global business

When multiple discount codes are used, you can send the "discountCodes" query parameter multiple times.  See a full example below of all supported parameters:

<img src='' />
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