Shopify Integration

Wooly provides a powerful integration with Shopify that enables you to better find, manage, and empower people who already love your brand. Some of the benefits of this integration include:

  • Discovery of high value or influential customers who are authentic advocates
  • Enriched customer profiles, including purchase history & social profiles
  • Automated discount code creation, distribution, and tracking 

Integrating with Shopify

1.  From the Integrations page, click 'Connect' to link your Shopify account(s) to Wooly.

2. Then enter your store name in the modal and hit "Connect". This will open your Shopify store and prompt you to install the app in Shopify.

3) Finally, install the Wooly app when prompted within Shopify.

Syncing Shopify Data

Depending on the size of your Shopify account, it may take a few hours (or longer) to populate the CRM. Don't worry if data doesn't immediately show up after integrating.

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