Authenticate social profiles for social listening

Connecting your social profiles should be a breeze on the Integrations page. Click "Connect" and follow the steps to authenticate your social accounts. 

Facebook AND Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are both connected through Facebook business pages. To connect, you first need to authenticate your personal Facebook profile and grant access to the relevant Facebook Business pages.

1. Authenticate your personal profile

2. Select which Instagram Business Accounts you want to use with Wooly.
You can easily add or remove accounts later. 

3. Then select the associated Pages 

4) Grant all of the necessary permissions 

5. Finally, make sure you connect the relevant pages in Wooly
That's it! Your account is now active for social listening, campaign tracking, and reporting!

Connecting Multiple Facebook / Instagram Accounts

You may connect multiple social networks by clicking "Connect" for each applicable page. We generally recommend giving each brand its own Wooly account to keep data separate, but if your brand uses multiple handles (e.g., @salomon and @salomonrunning) then you'll find value in connecting them all here.


If your Instagram account is not available, it is most likely caused by missing permissions in Facebook Business Manager, an incomplete setup of your Facebook Business Page, or not yet linking your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram Business Account. Feel free to contact us if you have any issues. We've seen it all.


Twitter is a bit more simple. Just hit "Connect" then authenticate your Twitter account.

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