Creating Discount Code Rewards with Shopify

Creating Discount Code Rewards with Shopify

For brands using Shopify, creating discount code rewards can be performed directly inside Wooly. The following steps walk

1) Select the type of discount code you want to offer as the reward.

2) Enter the discount code amount

The dialog will inform you how this discount code will appear in your Shopify admin (e.g. Wooly-Campaign-7WFT71). Recipients will simply see "25% discount code" as the label for the reward.

3) Optionally change any of the advanced discount code options:

3a) Applies to

Limit for which products the discount code applies. By default the discount code applies to all products. To limit to one or more product collections, navigate to the desired collection(s) in your Shopify admin and copy the ID from the address bar. 

Paste the collection ID(s) into the Applies to field in Wooly.

To limit to one or more products, follow the same steps as the collection ID but using product IDs instead of collection IDs.

3b) Usage Limits

By default a reward can be redeemed one time by a recipient. To allow a recipient to use the discount code more than once, set the usage limit to the desired number of redemptions. 

3c) End Date 

By default, discount code rewards do not have an end date. To set a date when the code will expire, select End Date and pick the date upon which you wish the code to expire.

4) Set the reward trigger (only for campaigns)

Select whether the discount code is issued upon joining the campaign or upon completing the campaign.

5) Save the discount code reward. 

Upon saving the discount code reward, a new discount code will be created in Shopify and a corresponding discount rule will be created in Wooly.

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