Create a Welcome Campaign

How to Create a Welcome Campaign and Add It Into Your Program 

Go to "Programs" Under "Settings" and add a campaign under the "Campaign" section

  •  When you have a campaign attached to a program everyone added into that program will be automatically added to that campaign so we suggest you have a Welcome Campaign as the auto-add campaign
  • If you click "add campaign" we will auto-generate a sample welcome campaign that will give you a start to your campaign brief

Welcome Campaign Brief

  • This is the very first campaign they will see when they enter the program so make sure your overview is a good introduction to your program and your activities are good welcome tasks
  • Step 1: Campaign Details
  • Step 2: Campaign Brief
    • This is the campaign brief that your ambassadors will see
    • You will see a sample brief, but make sure to go in and make it branded towards you
  • Step 3: Automatic Emails
    • Go in and customize these and add your brand language
    • they will automatically receive these emails once they are added to the campaign 
  • Step 4: Add Members to the Campaign
    • If this campaign is attached to your program, all newly added members will be automatically added to the campaign 
  • Step 5: Launch Campaign 
    • This campaign needs to be published for people to automatically be added. Make sure to publish this before adding people to your program 
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