How to set up a new Program

This article will provide step-by-step instructions for creating a new Program in Wooly. This guide will specifically walk through the mechanics of setting up the program in Wooly, with less of a focus on recommended strategies. Check out this article for more info about the Programs Feature and what makes it so effective when organizing and running multiple advocacy groups at the same time. 

STEP 1: Create a Program in Wooly

  • Create your first program. 
    • Click Add Program in the top right
    • Customize the Program name, Program Color, and Icon. These can be changed later. (Program Name Examples: Ambassadors, Influencers, Campus Reps, Content Creators, Industry Pros, Athletes, etc.)

STEP 2: Program Settings - RECRUITMENT

Section 1: Application Form

  • If you'd like to have a separate application for this specific program, click Edit & Preview to customize the application form. When you have finished customizing the form, click Get Embed Code and publish the form to your website. 

Section 2: Approval Process

    • Manually Approve Applicants - selecting this will allow you to review individual applicants prior to approving. 
    • Automatically Approve Applicants - selecting this will automatically trigger the automated approval email once the applicant submits their application

Section 3: Automated Emails

Edit the email templates for the automated emails that will be sent to new members. Click Edit & Preview to the right of each email to customize and add your branding. 

STEP 3: Program Settings - DISCOUNTS & PERKS

Create the discounts you want to give program members access to right away. You can give them a personal discount and a sharable discount. Read this article (it includes a tutorial video!) for instructions on setting these. 

STEP 4: Program Settings - Welcome Campaign

Create a Welcome Campaign to give program members details about the program and include their first task to complete as a new advocate. 

If you already have a Welcome Campaign created, you can select it from the dropdown. If you don't yet have one created, click Create a Welcome Campaign get a pre-filled template to work off of! 

Here is an article for a full tutorial on creating a Campaign

You're Done! Next Step... start recruiting!

You have successfully set up a new program and now you're ready to start recruiting applicants. Read this article for tips on recruitment

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