12/1/2020 - Auto Install Pixel for Shopify Stores

New Features

  • Auto Install Pixel for Shopify Brands  (see instructions)
  • Campaign Analytics Uploaded Content - Open content in a modal for UX and consistency
  • Added revenue stats to discount rule list and detail pages
  • Updated styles and navigation in the brand portal

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Brand and campaign image optimization for faster load times
  • Contact Search Export: add new fields (DateAdded, SignupDate, DiscountCodes)
  • App: don't Allow Users to change their Email without Email Confirmation
  • Brand Portal: allow team admins to save a default search filter set
  • Fixed: campaign Status is not set to "Completed" in real-time when a user joins a campaign without Activities
  • App: fixed can't Join Brand without Full Name
  • Fixed issue with end date restraint when back dating Campaigns
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