5/7/2020 - Sales Attribution Tracking Enhancements

New Features

  • Discount Rules:  refresh rule with connected eComm store
  • Sales Attribution: Update Pixel Endpoint To Track Orders without User Data
  • Add support for new Instagram "Creator" account type
  • Campaign Logistics:  Include MobilePhone in Export
  • New user registration improvements

Other Updates & Fixes

  • Improved navigation in campaigns to analytics
  • Improved "Total Purchases" report on dashboard
  • CSV Uploads Email: Indicate the person who uploaded the email
  • Implemented internal BI reporting
  • Fixed Sales Attribution Widget: Orders containing ReferralIds are not calculated
  • Fixed Client Api Token can be used in Sales Attribution endpoint
  • Fixed Discount Rules: Profile Overlay is not closed if switch to another page
  • Fixed Brand Profile:  Can't Upload Logo
  • Fixed Ambassador Portal Get Campaigns Fails in Some Cases
  • Fixed Email Campaign: Missing Image in Test Email
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