Driving More Sales with Referral Incentives

If you're looking for ways to increase your referral revenue, we recommend that you consider offering incentives for your "referrers" to get a little something out of sharing their codes with family and friends! 

Now, it's important for us to point out that at this point, fulfilling referral incentives will have to be done manually for now, but we hope to build out new product features in the near future to automate this for you. 

Here are some suggestions of referral formats...



  • Drive 1 referral, get a free accessory
  • Drive 3 referrals, get $50 credit to our online store
  • Drive 6 referrals, get $150 credit
  • Drive 10 referrals, get $XX credit 

**Be sure to share the incentives in the description of the Discount Code. 

To fulfill these referrals, you'll use the Discount Rules page to track the number of referrals for each individual. You can check and fulfill referral incentives once a month. When an individual achieves one of the milestones you have laid out, you can go to their profile to either get their shipping address or assign a discount code (aka if you are going to send them product or send them a rewards code). 


This format will take a bit less manual work on your end, but means that not everyone will get rewarded for sharing. Here's how it'd work:


  • For each referral, your name will be entered into a raffle where we will draw a name each month to win prizes. The # of referrals you drive per month will be the # of times your name goes into the raffle that month. We will be giving away prizes like: ___________!  

Incentive Ideas:

  • Free product, discounts, or account credit
  • Free or discounted partner products 
  • Branded merch/swag 
  • Tickets to events

**Again, be sure to share the details of the raffle in the description of the Discount Code within Wooly. 

To pick a winner, you can go to Sales Attribution (under Dashboards/Reports) and run a report for the month. Then, export the file to a CSV (top right). You can select a person at random from the list or use an online tool that will randomly select one for you. You can then find their profile in Wooly and contact them about what they've won! 

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