STEP 4: Recruit Your Customers

Great news. You’ve officially set up all the automated pieces of this program. Now it’s time to start recruiting your customers so they can start sharing! 

We’ve compiled a number of ways to effectively recruit your customers to your program and start sharing. 

Example messaging: 

  • Post Purchase Email:
    • Thanks for your purchase. We hope you love it! We invite you to join our Insiders Program where you can create your own Family & Friends discount code to share by filling out this getting to know you form.
  • Social Media
    • Join our insiders Program to get your own unique discount codes to share with family and friends!

Additional Areas to Promote Your Application Form:

  • **Send a newsletter to all of your prior customers
  • In the footer of all of your newsletters
  • At the end of every blog post
  • On your contact page
  • On your about page
  • On your thank you page after a customer completes a purchase
  • In the footer of your website
  • Create an eye-catching graphic and pin it to your Twitter & Facebook pages
  • Inside your YouTube videos and video descriptions
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