STEP 2: Build Your Form

The next step is to get a form on your website. The form has default questions at the top like name, location, and social handle(s). You can also create custom form questions to help you get to know your advocates even better. 

This form will be what you drive customers to via a post-purchase email or social media (we’ll talk more about this on step 4). We recommend adding custom questions as a way to get to know your advocates.

Get started on building your form in the Wooly platform by going to Settings > User Forms > Application Form

Be sure to read this article for more on creating custom questions for your application.

  • Example Custom Questions:
    • How long have you been a customer? 
    • How often do you use our product?
    • Which products do you own?
    • What is your favorite product/feature/flavor/etc?
    • Would you be interested in participating in future social campaigns?

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