STEP 1: Set Up Discounts Within Wooly & Your Online Store

The first and most important step to getting your sales-driving referral strategy started is to think about the kind of discount or incentive you can offer your customers. This offer can either be for them to share or for them to use personally (to drive brand loyalty), or both! 

The code offer should be better than the intro offer you have publicly on your website. 

  • Example Discount Offers:
    • 20% off for 5 of your friends 
    • 40% off 1-time purchase for you (as an additional incentive) 

Once you decide what your offer(s) will be, the next step is to create the discount codes in your eCommerce store which will be pulled into Wooly for integrated eCommerce platforms.  The following instructions use Shopify as an example to leverage the Shopify > Wooly integration. Keep reading for step-by-instructions.

*Before you get started, please make sure your Shopify account is connected in Wooly by checking under " Integrations" within your Brand Portal Settings.

Step 1: Create the discount in your online store

  • In your Shopify account, create a general discount code. 
    • *Note: this is not the discount name your ambassadors will see - it just sets up the Shopify Price Rule that will later be associated with a Wooly discount rule (in step 2). With this setup individual codes can be created within Wooly that all have the same discount rule settings.
  • Name the Discount something generic (example: AMBASSADOR25OFF)

Step 2: Setup the discount you just created in Wooly    

  • Under Shopify Price Rule find the discount name you created in Shopify (example: AMBASSADOR25)
  • Create a Public Discount Title which will be visible to customers (example: 25% Discount to Share") Note: DO NOT name the discount rule the same as the code in Shopify, otherwise ambassadors will not think they need to create their own code. 
  • Write a Description so they know what the discount code is for! You can describe any limitations here as well (example: if the code has a limited # of uses or is for first-time customers only)
  • Check the checkbox under the description if you want this discount rule to be available for anyone who comes into your brand portal (recommended)
  • When done, click Save at the bottom
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