3 Email Triggers You Need to Set Up

This article will show you 3 Email Triggers you should set up in your Wooly account immediately, along with some helpful templates. If you need a refresher on Email Triggers and what exactly they are, read this article.

Trigger #1: Application Submission 

When you have an application live, there is an automated email that someone will receive when they submit the application. You can go into Emails and edit the messaging. Here is a template we think works well:


Hi {{FirstName}},

Thanks for your interest in joining our Ambassador Program! We are currently reviewing your application. If approved, we'll contact you with additional details. Due to the high volume of submissions, we might not be able to respond to every submission but we appreciate your interest! 

We do take into consideration past tags & engagement with @XXX, so please follow us and share any great experiences you've had in the past!


Trigger #2: Ambassador Accepted

As you have applications start to roll in, you will be either accepting or rejecting profiles regularly. Before doing so, however, decide if you want those who are accepted to get an email letting them know they are in and what the next steps might be! Here is an example of what that message might look like:


Hi {{FirstName}},

This email is to confirm you've been accepted as a [BRAND] Ambassador!

We have some exciting campaigns on the horizon (and some really enticing rewards), so keep an eye on your email. Once a campaign has been launched, and we need some help spreading the word on social media, we'll email you with some details. It's super easy and we promise to make it as fun as possible!

Make sure you have emails from ambassadors@XXX.com filtered into your main inbox instead of junk mail or promotions, that way you never miss an opportunity.

We're so excited to work with you and see the content you create. In the meantime, feel free to create your Wooly profile via this link. (<--hyperlink your ambassador portal link)

Thank you for signing up!

Trigger #3: Post Purchase Invite to Apply 

A great way to grow your ambassador program is by inviting your customers to apply after their purchase. You can create a triggered email campaign within Wooly to send customers an email with link to apply to the program a number of days after their purchase. (Note: This is for Shopify users only)


Hey {{FirstName}},

I saw you recently bought from [BRAND]! I wanted to personally reach out and say THANK YOU on behalf of all of us here at [BRAND]. We really value our customers’ opinions and experiences! If you love your [BRAND] product as much as we do, we'd love for you to share it! Tag us at @XXX and use #XXX so we can share your experience with our followers, too! 

While I have you, we'd love to invite you to apply to be a part of our ongoing Brand Ambassador Community! We'll be looking to highlight customer stories like yours and build a community! Click here to apply! Not active on social media? That's ok! We'd still love to hear your story.

We're looking forward to hearing from you! Let us know if you have any questions.

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